pakseat9The Ostrich PakSeat is a resourceful backpack that packs in a seat along with carrying a whole lot of your other everyday items. A nifty product, it can be carried anywhere from a rough adventure trek to the office and even in the classroom. PakSeat eases the seating trouble with remarkable simplicity. All you need to do is fold down the patent adjustable seat from behind the pack and sit. It is especially handy when you are on the road for long during extended walking trails and need a quick, practical place to simply sit and rest.

Apart from the highly ingenious seating arrangement, the PakSeat is large and voluminous and has the capacity to hold copious goods. It looks neat, compact, sleek and has an attractive design. In fact you may be forgiven for thinking it’s like any other backpack until you discover the hidden genius of the modifiable seat. Ostrich PakSeat’s versatile character had made it extremely popular among both – the student community and hiking aficionados. While letting you take off your load and take a seat in the middle of nowhere, the bag pack also includes a universal sleeve that is nice for holding your laptop. It provides a sturdy protection to the devise and can even be used to pack a hydration devise. You can simply fold down the seat and start working on your laptop in no man’s land if you wish. A convertible work place in the middle of the forest sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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The product comes in a smart, stylish shade of black/grey and nicely complements your rugged trekking gear as well as formal work or classroom attire. Go cycling in the country side, camp by the river or picnic at a serene spot away from the chaos of the city, the Ostrich PakSeat will let you take off to several places by providing a one-stop solution to your seating woes.