Want pans with coating that do not peel off with age and use? Teflon coatings do that but with regular use, the surface can get scratched or peel off. When they do, the pan becomes useless because the chemical coating that contains metals like aluminum seeps into the food being cooked. Get a true ceramic-coated pan that will never peel with the Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan. The Duralon coating is made of higher grade coating than Teflon. The pan stays nonstick, sears in the juices and flavors of the food while cooking and hardly needs any oil to cook with.

Did you know that peeling or scratched nonstick pans leech chemicals into your food during cooking? Many non-stick pans are manufactured using a chemical called PFOA, a carcinogen that could damage the environment as well as endanger health. PFTE, a chemical found in nonstick coatings, starts to degrade beyond a temperature of 500F. These coatings, which are rated between 2-3H grade, often also contain Cadmium and BPA which are also risky to one’s health. On the other hand, a Duralon coating like those found in Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan is rated at 9H grade. That means it contains none of these toxic chemicals, does not release any toxic fumes, withstands heat up to 932F, and does not blister or peel even with longtime use.

With Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan you get that added security and safety due to the absence of harmful chemicals. And you still get that same nonstick goodness which does not require extra cooking oil mixed in. Cook eggs, pancakes, pasta, meat, fish and other delicious dishes and once done, simply slide them directly from pan to plate. You don’t get that oily taste to the foods because the pan cooks your food, keeps the flavors all in and all without any cooking oil. Even cleaning is easy because you don’t need to scrub the pan to rid it of burnt leftovers that stick to the pan’s bottom.

The Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan can be used with any gas or electric stovetop. It even works with induction stovetops!

Enjoy your very own Nuwave Perfect Green Fry Pan today by ordering it right away. Home cooking will be so much easier to do with flavor-filled dishes cooked just the right way.