nuwaveI just got my NuWave Oven in the mail and had to share my thoughts with!

First off, you must see the commercial. I love their time-lapse videos; they show the food cooking perfectly inside the see through oven in super speed; which I thought was really neat!

I love my Nu Wave Oven cooker, but it doesn’t cook quite that fast hehe!

It does cook much, much faster than my normal oven. I cooked a thick frozen steak in just 30 minutes! The best part was, the steak was still super juicy, not rubbery like the microwave makes things.

The reason it works so well, is because it uses convection, infrared and conduction heat all at once to cook things super fast. I also loved it because it didn’t heat up my entire kitchen while I cooked. I haven't checked my power bill, but the NuWave Oven uses far less energy than my normal oven.

The oven also works like one of those indoor grills and lets the fat drip off the food into a collection tray. It was really fun to watch stuff cook through a glass top, but it was even better to know I wasn’t eating all that unnecessary fat.

The New Wave Oven also won some the Chef's Best Performance award, for 8 years in a row!

I really like my little infomercial oven, my old oven is just collecting dust!

I found a site to buy NuWave Oven online instead of calling the 1-800 number on TV.

Go get one, I swear you'll be using your old oven for a cupboard as soon as you plug the NuWave oven in!

NuWave Oven Review Submitted by Kelly P.

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