If the only way you could have perfect looking nails is to frequent the nail salon, then you must be spending a small fortune on salon costs a year! Save on money and still have your nails looking as though you came from the salon by getting your very own Nail Perfect. No more mess or uneven applications that make you spend extra time cleaning up after the polish is applied. With Nail Perfect, you easily apply even layers of polish on every nail, whether you are using your left or right hand.

Painting one’s nails can be one big headache. You may do it nicely on one hand but depending on whether you are left- or right-handed, one hand’s nails won’t come out as nicely as the other. Your non-dominant hand may not be that steady and oftentimes you can end up with nail polish on the skin and under the nails as well. That takes more time to clean up and when you’re in a rush to go out, extra clean-up work is not funny.

Nail Perfect allows you to rest your nails comfortably on a nail base with different slots for fingers of different sizes. Whether you have long, thin fingers or short, chubby ones, there’s a Nail Perfect nail slot to fit you. Just find the slot that fits your nail very snugly and you’re ready to begin. When your nails are done, any nail stains left on the nail base can be wiped clean easily with polish remover.

Even your favorite nail polish has a Perfect Polish Chair that will hold it in place. No need to fear accidental spills that not only ruin your nails (and your day) but also could ruin your table and carpet.

When you order Nail Perfect, you get the Nail Perfect base with its built-in storage compartment as well as a heart-shaped carrying tote, a Nail Perfect disk. Add postage and handling and you get two of the base, tote and disk!  As a bonus, you get the Perfect Polish Chair to hold your nail polish bottle as well as over 200 nail decals so you can have fun creating funky fingernails.

Never have ugly nails again! With Nail Perfect, you will nail it right each and every time you paint your nails.