Self-feeding made easy with the innovative design of My Spoon and My Bowl. The challenge of scooping out the food and bring the spoon to the mouth is lessened. A little tot can get to eat on their own with a lot less mess. Build their confidence and help a child learn how to eat without any help with My Spoon and My Bowl.

This AsSeenOnTV product is the latest kind of feeding set. There are many advantages to using it that you and the child will surely appreciate. Here are the reasons why the My Spoon and My Bowl is an excellent feeding set:

Special spoon design. The spoon is ergonomically designed. The level of the handle and the end of the spoon where the food is to be placed are different. Since the scooper is lower, as the child lift the handle, the visibility is better as the hand does not get in the way of seeing the food.

Size of spoon. Just right for them to not have to open their mouth too wide. It makes it easier for them to pick up the food as the scoop is deeper than an ordinary teaspoon. Since it is the right size, the child gets to aim it much better and easily slip it in and out of their mouth.

Left hand or right hand use. There are some feeding spoons that have the scooper slanted in a certain angle. Young children are ambidextrous. They may use this spoon using their left or right hand and develop the skills needed for self-feeding.

Bowl shape. The contoured edges of the bowl are rounded. It makes it possible for the child to hold one side of it with their small hand. As they scoop out the food, the edges help the movement of the spoon. The dexterity required for moving the food from the bowl to the spoon is greatly reduced. The height of bowl sides also serve as an invaluable aid for the little one to be able to take out the food from their My Spoon and My Bowl.

Non-skid base. When a child pushes around the spoon, there is a force to it that can send all the food flying all over the place if the bowl flips over or drops. With the non-skid base, the bowl stays in place.

Dishwasher safe and non-toxic, the newest kind of feeding set that helps a child learn self-feeding with ease is the AsSeenOnTV My Spoon and My Bowl.