Sitting in front of a desk can be tiring. Sometmes you just feel like curling up on a sofa to work, laze around in bed while working or carry your work somewhere other than that desk. That’s why lap desks have become popular -- they have a cushioned base on the side that rests against your thighs and a flat, solid surface on the other for your paperwork. But now, My Place Cozy brings even more functionality to the ordinary lap desk.

My Place Cozy is really your coziest companion as it allows you to bring your personal workstation wherever you want to sit, whether you are on a couch, lounging chair, on a bed, or even out on a porch or swing. It’s like a lap desk in that it has a cushioned base so that you work in comfort. The other side is a large non-slip work surface made of durable plastic (17.125” L x 14” W x 3” H), large enough for you to put a laptop on top of it. My Place Cozy is so stable that you can even eat using it, sew, and write. But there’s where the similarities end.

Here’s what makes My Place Cozy far better than a lap desk. A built-in cup holder holds your water bottle or a small glass in place without risking its toppling and wetting your work. The other great feature of My Place Cozy is its integrated LED light with flexible neck (it runs on two AA batteries). You could be outdoors where there isn’t enough light and you can still read comfortably with its LED reading light. On the side is a handle so that when you’re done, just pick it up and go! It’s a great accessory when traveling because at 1.5 pounds, it is so lightweight.

Use My Place Cozy as your personal workstation and your productivity will increase as you can do work almost anywhere, even if you’re not at your desk.

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