This My Lil' Pie Maker review presents you with the ideal baking set suitable for making mini pies and more. The My Lil' Pie Maker AsSeenOnTV baking set may be used by Grandma and even by kids - everybody who wants to bake fabulously presented pies would love this My Lil' Pie Maker kit, the AsSeenOnTV baking set ideal for make awesome mini-pies as you will discover in this review.

My Lil' Pie Maker
Baking Perfection

Create pies and other baked goodies perfect for one serving.

Bake a variety of pies with various fillings.

The My Lil' Pie Maker has the baking molds you need plus it has a pie dough cutters to make the perfect circles for the bottom and top crust. Included in this baking kit is the lattice cutter which turns the pie dough into the top crust that allows the filling to appetizingly peep through the baked finished product.

The My Lil' Pie Maker has a pop up tray that when stationed underneath the freshly baked goods, gently lifts them from the mold. This is an excellent way to cool the pies, makes it easier for you to pick them up and transfer it onto a serving platter, or can be used as a decorative way to serve the pies from the oven, straight to the table. This baking set includes two unique spatulas that are ideal for taking out the mini-pies from the molds so that they won't break or crack.

My Lil' Pie Maker

Bake Better Mini-Pies

Whatever kind of pie you can imagine can be baked in the My Lil' Pie Maker. There are a number of other dishes that can easily be done in the baking mold such as quiches and pot pies.

Beginners until advanced bakers would love the My Lil' Pie Maker because it is the wonderful baking set and one that allows you to place different filling to bake a batch of various goodies simultaneously.

When you want to bake mini pies rather than buying indiviuals molds or using a muffin pan delight your family, friends, and guests with excellent mini-pies and more using the special baking set of My Lil' Pie Maker.

If you want great mini-pies, use the My Lil' Pie Maker, the flexible baking mold set from AsSeenOnTV for perfect presentation of the baked product every time.