My Friendship Bracelet Maker is the ultimate friendship bracelet maker! Weaving new designs and combining colors is easy with this unique tool. I love making friendship bracelets but its so hard since the threads gets tangled, I do make a mistake of weaving the wrong color, or hard to make sure it's secure and evenly woven since you don't know what to make it hold on one side.

The My Friendship Bracelet Maker is the easy and fast way of making friendship bracelets for you and your friends. So many patterns are offered from easy ones to the tougher ones, with the plain patterns to the more unique designs. I can make endless combinations and fun designs for me and my friends!

So many colors, a number of different designs, there are so different kinds of friendship bracelets that you can make! Don't worry if you finish up your strings - you can easily buy a new refill pack to keep on making bracelets! Its portable so I can bring it along when I am on the go. I even got a really cool tote bag to carry along My Friendship Bracelet Maker with me to school and other places I go to. I can make a lot of friendship bracelets while waiting and it's a good way to spend my time.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker also supports causes such as Juvenile Diabetes and Breast Cancer. That's another reason why I bought it cause their company helps other people. It has already been named as Dr. Toys Best Vacation Products of 2010.

This makes a great gift! I asked my mom to give my sister one so she won't keep borrowing mine! Have fun making friendship bracelets for you and your friends to wear with the My Friendship Bracelet Maker. Make bracelets that matches you and your friends style. You can make friendship anklets, too! This is a good crafting tool as it makes bracelet weaving so much easier, faster, and more fun to do!