My Dream Table is a portable table that can be adjusted to 6 different heights. I ordered one and when it got delivered to my home, my husband said, “What’s this thing that you bought again?” I tried to tell him how nice My Dream Table is but he scoffed and entered our bedroom to lie down and read.
I first used it in the living room, sat down on the sofa in front of the TV, and placed my TV dinner on it plus my glass of juice.

After eating, I brought it to the bedroom and place it at the side of the bed. All this time, my husband ignored me, making as if he was totally engrossed in the book but I saw him sneak a peek. I sat on the side of the bed, adjusted the height, and placed my laptop on My Dream Table.

He placed the book down and said, “Hey, what’s that? Is that the My Dream Table we were talking about?”

This My Dream Table review is written out of frustration that was the last time I used it. As after my husband observed how nice it was he sequestered it and now it’s his Dream table. My biggest regret about buying one is that I should have bought two! I already ordered another.

I understand why I can never use it - that’s because he loves it.

He eats, writes, and uses his laptop on it. As the living room table is too low and one would have to stretch out to place a plate or glass, he now adjust the height lower, leans back and pulls the My Dream Table as he is eating.

It’s a great table and I want my own. I understand why I can hardly use it - that’s because he loves the My Dream Table. Here are the reasons why:

It is portable and lightweight, it is easy to bring it to where you need it.
It folds flat to be used as a serving tray or to tucked away under the sofa.
The unique L-design of the legs allow you to pull the table closer as you are sitting.
The table is streamlined in design and is adjustable to 6 different heights.
It’s table top is easy to clean.

My husband and I share a lot of things but we won’t share My Dream Table.

Guess My Dream Table review’s done - as now I have to order 2 more as my in-laws just arrived and saw it - but they are wise enough to tell me to get them one each. Since it only cost $19.95, I will give these to them as a gift.