I had been eager to get a new set of knives for a long time, my cheap IKEA knives were getting dull and were really making me crazy since it was getting more and more difficult to whip up a meal with a set of dull knives.

I saw the Miracle Blade III on an infomercial and remembered seeing nearly the same commercial years ago -- it's the guy who cuts through cans and then shows how easy it is to slice a tomato.

I was always fascinated by all the crazy stuff he was doing, but the knives were so cheap that I decided "what the heck." The fact that I didn't have to go out to an busy cooking store was a huge bonus.

Watch the MiracleBlade 3 Commercial

When the knives arrived, I used my dull old knives to open the package then threw them away -- those IKEA knives are impossible to sharpen anyway.

The commercial was totally right, they were the sharpest knives I'd ever used.
I have to admit I never tried cutting a can or some cinder block, but what I did cut, cut like butter.

I felt like a real chef using the Miracle Blades, it was so easy to cut extremely thin slices of stuff like tomatoes, onions and celery -- not the chunky pieces I was used to making before.

All together, the package came with 10 knives. I really liked the 'Rock 'n Chop' knives, they had a little ball to help chop stuff better. It was weird at first, but I found it really helped me keep good control over my knife.

I love these knives! I waited to review them until my 30-day trial was up, just in case something happened, but now I've been cooking with them for a month and they're always insanely sharp.

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