Oh Billy Mays, you have never steered me wrong.

I got bought some of his newest stuff: Mighty Putty, and it works wonders.

I'm not the best handywoman by any means, but this super putty was the key to fixing just about everything in my house. It was so hardy and so insanely easy.

It works just like super powerful epoxy, without all the disgusting mess -- as you can see in Billy Mays' silly commercial.

Watch the Mighty Putty Commercial

This stuff has been around forever, but it has always been called boat putty and sits in a dark corner of hardware stores. I had bought it before, but since nobody where I live has a boat, the stuff was so dry and cracked that it hardly worked and made my fingers soar just kneading it. Mr. Mays, however, put the putty into a tube, so it never dries out or gets cracked and gross. No matter when I pull out the Mighty Putty, it's soft and easy to work with.

All you have to do is pull or cut off a little chunk and knead it between your fingers, then stick it to whatever needs fixing!

I used it to fix a pipe that had been leaking for about two months, I just stuck the putty to the seam of the pipe; problem solved.

I really can't say enough about this As Seen on TV putty. I also used it to fix a bookshelf that broke when I was trying to climb it (I know, it was dumb!). I also copied Billy Mays and used the Mighty Putty to put a shelf on the wall, I just stuck the shelf to the wall and wiped the excess putty off. And just to test it out, I put one of those old, heavy dictionaries, a lava lamp and this neat piece of driftwood art on the shelf, I swear I can't break the thing!

Go buy Mighty Putty, you won't be disappointed!