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As featured on Oprah, the Michael Jackson book written by his mother is probably the most revealing one of them all. With exclusive insights and photos, this Michael Jackson coffee table book is a true collectible. This special Michael Jackson Book Offer review will give you a sneak peak a publication that is a must have for all book lovers and Michael Jackson enthusiasts.

Who knows a child better than a mother? This Michael Jackson Book Offer review features the one that Katherine Jackson wrote about her son. The book, entitled "Never Can Say Goodbye", is the untold story by the woman who nurtured and brought up the Jackson family, one of the most famous singers in history. From this group, the child singer, Michael Jackson, was singled out and became one of the most well-known singers in the world.

Here is a sneak peak of a few photos in the publication that you can get from this Michael Jackson Book Offer review. You might want to see another video about the "Never Can Say Goodbye" book by clicking here.

Michael Jackson is part of our music history, from songs like Ben that touched our heart, to Thriller that made MTV history, and many other songs that we sing, dance, and romance by. This Michael Jackson Book Offer will give you pictures that you have never seen, stories that are revealed, and more.

Included in this Michael Jackson Book Offer are the following:

Collector's Edition Book, "Never Can Say Goodbye". This book contains the full story of Michael Jackson as narrated by his mother. The book has over 150 pages of photos from the Jackson family's personal archives that will only be found in this publication. "Never Can Say Goodbye" is a large, hard-cover coffee table book that shows you the real Michael Jackson.

"Never Can Say Goodbye" DVD. This DVD has video footage of Michael Jackson's final birthday wish. Get to watch it and the first interview of the mother ever after Michael passed away.

"Never Can Say Goodbye" calendar. A wonderful 16 month calendar of photos featuring Michael Jackson in various concert performances. These pictures have never been printed before.

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