megaventA much-needed and truly ingenious solution to the snoring trouble, the MegaVent works comfortably to keep nostrils open with just the right amount of support to completely get rid of snoring and allows for easy breathing. The design is gentle, flexible and created especially for delicate nasal paths, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the region.

Apart from staying put in one place all through your sleeping hours to avoid undue pressure or nuisance, MegaVent can be utilized in its basic shape or you can even customize it to a shape you want in a matter of a few seconds. The device is reusable, fits nicely (since is comes in three sizes) and helps in keeping the nasal passage released with its clever design. It is an absolute ready to use devise, no fancy attachments, no complicated assembling of parts and is almost invisible. The fact that it lasts really long, is completely supple (can be twisted and turned to take any form) and stays firmly in place all night only adds to the convenience meter. A single box comprises three pairs of the product.

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At the core of every snoring trouble lies the inability to breathe easy. Blocked nostrils, an uneven nasal passageway and difficulty in breathing automatically creates a need to find an outlet for inhaling and exhaling, due to which one reflexively starts snoring. MegaVent addresses the crux of the matter and offers a ready solution for a hassle free sleep. With its petite design, MegaVent looks like an ostensibly inconspicuous product but is a real boon for the person who snores habitually and more so for the people who have to put up with others snoring around them. Gift it to your spouse and award yourself a good night’s sleep! Now that’s called killing two birds with a single stone.