It's a beautiful day outside and whether you want to enjoy it outside or inside now you can with Magic Mesh. No more uninvited house guests, insects that is! Hands full? No problem. Forgot to shut the door? No worries. Your dog wants to go outside? He can. Magic Mesh is the convenient, practical solution!

I love entertaining outdoors, whether it be at my house or when I am camping in my RV. But I always have to go back inside for something. My hands are always full and I can't get the door open and if I leave the door open that pesky part of nature, insects, get in my house or camper. Not anymore, not with Magic Mesh.

And how many times as a child did you hear, or as a parent did you say “in or out”? Because kids are always coming and going, forgetting to close the door or slamming it when they do remember, and letting the bugs in. With Magic Mesh you won't ever have to say or hear those words again! It's convenient for pets too because they can come and go easily without the whining and scratching at the door and without you having to get up to let them in or out.

Magic Mesh is a magnetic mesh door designed to fit any single sized door including single sliding patio doors and camper doors. The magic is in the magnets. The mesh opens down the middle so that you can walk straight through with no hands. The magnets separate, like magic, when you walk through and the magnets reconnect after you. Installation is a breeze and requires no nails or screws so when the weather turns cold taking it down is as easy as putting it up. Since it's made of mesh it's easy to wash and easy to store.

Not only is Magic Mesh great for entertaining outside its a perfect for enjoying your home inside as well and it's “green” in more than ways one. The mesh door allows me to enjoy the weather from inside but it also saves me money. Instead of having to have the air conditioner running or fans on I can keep my main doors open with Magic Mesh.