Magnassager Magnetic MassagerIn today’s modern world, do you find yourself spending more time working, and less time going out to exercise? Do you tend to overwork certain muscles in your body, especially when doing the same redundant rigorous work everyday? Ever feel like your muscles are stiff and aching but you just can’t seem to massage the pain away on your own? With the Magnassager Magnetic Massager, you can say goodbye to your aching body pains. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home or office, nor is there a need to sweat away the pain with exercises that don’t even target the areas that need the exercise.

Using three stainless steel free floating balls that target your muscle tissues by sending a pulsating magnetic field with just the right amount of pressure suited to match your heart rate, the Magnassager Magnetic Massager returns tense muscle tonicity to normal and improves blood circulation throughout your body. Each ball emits a North Polarity field, stimulating pressure points throughout your body thus releasing endorphins that that provide relief to your tired muscles. It’s so easy to use. Just hold it by the grip and glide it over the areas that you know need targeting.

Light weight and portable, all you need is the adapter and a socket, and you’re good to go anywhere. Just put it into your bag and you can bring it with you to work, or bring it with you while you’re doing errands and waiting for something (and just happen to have a socket you can use nearby). Goodbye to aches that disturb your usual routine. A few minutes a day will do you wonders and you’ll soon notice that you don’t have any more aching pains. Forget spending money to have to go to a spa, or for a personal masseur. With the Magnassager Magnetic Massager, relieving your aching muscles is within your grasp.

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