Magic Minerals reviews

Magic Minerals. Be Flawless. Place foundation. Conceal. Correct. All in 1 step.  Free items and Introductory price of $19.95 with this Magic Minerals review! Brush on Magic Minerals and look perfect.

Magic Minerals is mineral makeup at its finest. Made by Jerome Alexander, when you place it on, it will work like magic to conceal any flaws. There is no other makeup, mineral or not, that can do this as Magic Minerals adjust to the needs of your facial skin.

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How does Magic Minerals work?

The Magic Minerals compact has more than just one color tone of makeup in it. There is the base color and touches of pink, mint, lavender, and yellow. These colors work together to erase the imperfections that you might have.

What imperfections does Magic Minerals cover up?

Magic Minerals does the work of a concealer but it blends perfectly so you need not apply powder or foundation for it to be even. Any redness, yellow tones, brownish spots, and dark circles around the eyes will disappear upon an application of Magic Minerals.

Who can use Magic Minerals?

Magic Minerals is for all skin types and colors. You can have light or dark skin, it doesn't matter! The special formulation of Magic Minerals transforms the skin to flawlessness for everyone. No matter what age you are, to cover up teen red marks from acne to getting rid of the signs of aging, Magic Minerals is the ultimate makeup.

Even men can use Magic Minerals as it is not noticeable at all! If a man works in the front desk of a hotel or in sales, Magic Minerals will help them project the perfect image that they need! Why buy special men makeup that is so costly when there is Magic Minerals?

How long does it take to place on Magic Minerals?

A minute or two! Prepare your face and make it clean, then just brush the Magic Minerals on. You are ready with a natural look! Magic Minerals can serve as the base foundation for other makeup, eliminating the steps of having to place concealer, foundation, and finishing powder!

Can Magic Minerals be used on sensitive skin?

Yes! It is mineral makeup and you know how gently that it to skin. Magic Minerals is fragrance-free, contains no talc, and no irritants. If you have got sensitive skin, you don't have to worry as Magic Minerals caters to suit your needs!

Will Magic Minerals clump up?

Magic Minerals creates a smooth finish. It blends very well with a brush on application. Magic Minerals is microsized and unlike other makeup, wrinkles and fine lines will be covered properly.

Magic Minerals reviews - before and after

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Magic Minerals reviews