Imagine how your guests would feel when, as they are approaching your door, your doormat suddenly lights up in bright, inviting lights making them feel like their presence is warmly expected? With the Magic Door Mat, see the surprised faces on your guests as they arrive at the door. Everyone who goes near your home or apartment will feel the warmth of your welcome due to your Magic Door Mat. This unique, wonderfully-created door mat is motion-sensor equipped. It has strong light bulbs secretly embedded into the door mat fabric which light up when someone comes near it.

The Magic Door Mat, 18"x30", is made of durable fibers in natural colors, great for entryways and high foot traffic areas. It is 100% waterproof with a nonslip latex backing. The mat is 1-inch thick, making it safe for the LED lights to be hidden in between the fibers so that nothing gets crushed when people step on the mat. The LED lights either light up when the sensors sense movement, or they can be set to stay lighted. They are sturdy and crush-proof as they are recessed into the mat. Not even high heels can crush these lights. There are four cute designs to choose from.  The Traditional "Welcome” mat is for those with classic taste; its clean lines and bold colors are simple but tasteful. The Pooch ‘n Paws mat is a favorite of dog lovers as it features a dog with paw tracks around the mat. The Flip ‘n Flop mat is for the little girls, featuring two pairs of flipflops in neon pink and neon green. Lastly, the On The Beach mat is for those who love the outdoors - featuring a beach view with umbrella and lounge chairs.

The Magic Door Mat also adds safety and security to your home because when it detects movement and lights up, you will be warned if someone unexpected is nearby. Its sensor covers 120 degrees so it can detect almost all movements even if not coming from dead center. With Magic Door Mat, your home will always have that welcoming feel to it and friends and family will love to come visit you often.

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