My dad has been having some trouble hearing normal conversations lately, so I decided to get him a Loud 'N Clear listening device, and he loves it!

I suggested getting hearing aid to my father a while ago, and he picked up some cheap thing. But he hated it, he said it was uncomfortable and made him look like an old man. So he tossed it in a drawer and still has hearing problems. I swear he just says "what's that?" every time someone speaks -- even if he does hear it.

I looked at smaller devices, but finding a cheap hearing aid was nearly impossible. That's when I saw the As Seen on TV Loud 'N Clear. It looked perfect! Loud and Clear was designed to look just like the earpiece of a cell phone, so nobody knows when the wearer has their hearing aid in.

I knew not looking old was key for my dad, and he has always been kind of a gadget geek, so this thing was ideal for him.

I ordered him one and gave it to him for a belated birthday gift, he was so surprised. He put it in right away and said, "Hey, this thing really works!" Now he wears it all the time. He said it's perfect for watching movies, he doesn’t have to crank the TV volume up anymore.

My dad said he loves it, and recommends it to everyone. He love to surprise people by telling them he's wearing a hearing device and points at his earpiece. I even tried it out when I first got it, and I could hear everything! It was pretty fun, but I'm no spy or anything, so I don’t need to hear anything through walls!

Check it out, Buy a Loud N Clear hearing aid online for yourself or for someone you know with a hearing problem.