Liquid Leather RepairFurniture is an investment in family, comfort and a feeling of home. Leather furniture is cozy and welcoming, but also costly. Even if you buy scratch and dent, or vinyl, you furniture is a big part of your decorating budget. It is devastating when your favorite chair or love seat gets ripped. How will you replace such an expensive piece of furniture? Who wants to do with the hassle of sending it out for repairs, or having a stranger in your living room to fix it? With Liquid Leather Repair you can fix any rip, tear, or burn in almost any material, simply, and quickly, by yourself!

The Liquid Leather Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can easily fix leather, vinly, and naugahyde in minutes. Anywhere you have damaged seating or leather you can repair it in no time, with no hassel. Even leather clothing! Because it is simple to do, you can feel confident that your leather will always look its best. There are many places you probably have leather too, making this product extremely useful. Use it on your car seats or convertible top, boat seats, leather luggage, dashboard, leather jackets, and more! The kit comes with Intermix colors so you can match the repair to any color of leather. Everything you need to repair any type of fabric comes in this kit! When you order Liquid Leather you also receive the Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit. This second kit means there is absolutely no rip or tear you can’t fix!

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