Grow your own Lavender Garden and be delighted with the color of these flowers and the relaxing sweet scent that fills the air! Aromatherapy is made better when you grow your own Lavender Garden plants as it's the most natural way to get to breathe in the clean and romantic lavender scent!

Lavender plants are perennial which means that these will grow for years. These Lavender Garden plants from As Seen On TV will have these fragrant flowers growing from nearly 12 inch long spikes from June until the early winter frost comes in. The Lavender Garden plants will make great low hedges, will do wonderfully in containers, and are great as landscaping plants!

Planting and caring for lavender plants is easy and you'll be able to enjoy the As Seen On TV Lavender Garden plants for many years, not just in the garden, deck, terrace, or patio, but in your home when you cut the stalks and place it in a vase or harvest the blossoms to make into fresh lavender sachets or into potpourri. It'll be fantastic to grow lavender plants as these will bloom wonderfully and the stately elegance will add the color and the dramatic beautiful impact that can make a garden into a showcase! And, when planted in containers, it can be placed in many of the outdoors areas like the porch and will have such a terrific look as these are the real English lavender plants!

If you decide to grow lavender in your garden, this exclusive online offer for the As Seen On TV Lavender Garden plants is perfect as you can get 3 for just ten dollars and you'll get 3 more for free! Grow your own Lavender Garden and enjoy these beautiful plants and the natural aromatherapy benefits that it can give to you and your family.