Body shapers do the task of instantly slimming the body fast! Kymaro Body Shaper takes off inches in all the right places and lifts up the bust to make one more shapely!

Not all of us have perfect bodies and may need to reduce a couple of inches especially in the tummy. We might want to get a little lift to our boobs for the droop to go away and to get that alluring cleavage and there are solutions that we can find but surgery is costly and we might need to become more sexy right away!

Though certain underwear can give us that boob lift and a flatter stomach, it'll take layering to get the effect of one Kymaro Body Shaper which does the trick with it's form-fitting contouring that will bring the body down 2 dress sizes! If you have ever worn a girdle, you may have noticed that that part that is not covered by it bulges! The As Seen On TV Kymaro Body Shaper solves this as smooths out the bulges and rolls plus gets rid of the unsightly underwear lines!

Kymaro Body Shaper can be worn under any kind of clothing and it won't be noticed, the only thing that can be seen is how more shapely you are. That nip and tuck desired can be done by simply wearing the comfortable As Seen On TV Kymaro Body Shaper that is made from flexible micro-fiber material.

When you order from this exclusive online As Seen On TV special offer - for One Kymaro Body Shaper which are available in nude and in black you'll be choosing the size and can get the Kymaro Bottom Shaper and the Kymaro Cami for FREE! And, you can double the order and get the extra Kymaro Body Shaper that you'll love to wear as you'll get sexier instantly!

300 x 250