Knockout Hockey the Original and Fights & BrawlsIf you have ever watched a hockey game on TV or in person, you have probably witnessed the thrill of a hockey fight. For some viewers fights are the number one reason to watch hockey. For others, just as in an accident, watching a fight is just so horrible and thrilling you can’t look away. Finally you can get all the hockey fight action you could ever need on DVD. And when you buy Knockout Hockey the Original you also get Fights & Brawls for free!

The DVD’s feature hockey’s greatest fight moments, even the stuff they can’t show on TV. This is a product that will thrill hockey fans and players of all ages. This quality DVD can be watched over and over to ensure every gruesome detail is caught. It makes a perfect present for hockey players and fans young and old. Invite friends and family over for an out-of-the-ordinary movie night! Pump up the players in your life with this action packed DVD.

Scouring the internet for short, low quality clips is time consuming and annoying. Trying to catch the instant replay of an intense hit it difficult! And the TV cameras often don’t show half of what happens on the ice. With Knockout Hockey DVDs you get a behind the scenes look at the strength and commitment of the players on the ice, ready for action! Even fight fans who don’t particularly like hockey will appreciate the skill and drive of these enraged hockey players. These collectors addition DVDs are perfect for the sport fans in your life.

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