The Keeper Sweeper reusable cleaning tool can be used on all flat surfaces. From ceiling to floor, glass, wood, ceramic, and more, even washing your car needs the #1 versatile mop that turns into a hand-held cleaning tool. In this Keeper Sweeper review, discover the AsSeenOnTV newest innovation that makes cleaning easier and eco-friendly.

Want to get relief from the cleaning chores?

How many cleaning tools do you have in stock? A typical home has a mop, broom, dust pan, rag, duster, scrubber, and a wash mitt for the car.

Keeper Sweeper: More-in-1

AsSeenOnTV mops make chores a lot easier such as eliminating the need to wring a mop and drag around a bucket. The newest one in their mop cleaning tools featured in this review has the functions of a wet or dry mop, sweeper, polisher, duster, scrubber, glass and window cleaner, and automobile cleaner.

Keeper Sweeper: Save on Cleaning Aids

Other things that a home has are disposable cleaning wipes, cleaning solutions, and sprays. The green way to clean is to make your own cleaning solution such as to use a mix of baking powder and vinegar. It's a lot cheaper and very effective. Another reason it's a good idea to make your own cleaner is because commercial cleaners typically are used for just one task like for tiles or for glass. Yet, even if you use store-bought cleaning aids, you still get to use less.

The Keeper Sweeper has 4 pads made from various materials. To clean glass, use warm water. To scrub floors, it requires no abrasive cleaning aids. Sweeping and dusting is better as the dust does not scatter and stays on the pad. The soaking capacity of microfiber is up to 10X more than ordinary fabrics.

Keeper Sweeper: Reusable and Reversible

How many mops can do that? This is one of the special features of an AsSeenOnTV mop.

Use it on a surface, when one side is dirty, use the other side. The reversible feature enables you to clean more.

To reuse the pad, it just requires a few spins on the washing machine. It comes out clean and there is no longer a difficult time in cleaning a mop head or rag ever again. And, it can be sanitized every time it is washed.

Keeper Sweeper: A Mop that Transforms

The mop handle may be removed. Unlike other detachable mop head reviews, with the Keeper Sweeper, the mop head becomes a hand-held tool with handle that's easy to hold.

This cleaning tool with the innovative attach and detach option makes it possible to use it on more surfaces such as a table or to wash the car.

Keeper Sweeper: Lessen the Clutter

The amount of space needed to store all those other cleaning tools and aids sometimes requires its own cabinet. Those items should be organized and cannot be placed on display.

The dirty old mop head needs to be soaked, wrung, and dry, the duster dusted, and the dust pan emptied. The storage space needed by the Keeper Sweeper is minimal. And, the pads are easy to clean in the washing machine so one never has to store germ and bacteria laden cleaning equipment ever again.

Will you be able to save money on cleaning aids with the Keeper Sweeper?
Will cleaning be more efficient?
Is this cleaning tool more germ-free for use and storage?
Will you be able to use it to clean more things than any other cleaning tool?

With the many functions of a Keeper Sweeper AsSeenOnTV mop, you can clean a facility and automobiles fast with hardly any other cost. Tackle the clean up chores quickly with one tool and less cleaning aids due to the various uses of the Keeper Sweeper pads.

And with this Keeper Sweeper review's offer, you get to buy it for less than twenty dollars. Save money and clean more efficiently with the green solution of the Keeper Sweeper.