How to fix a zipper fast? Use Instant Zipper. When a zipper is broken, to change it was once the only way to have a working zipper - until the Instant Zipper was created. In less than a minute, you can clip on this slider to the zipper teeth to pull it close or open.

What can you do if a zipper gets busted? This typically happens when it’s most inconvenient. Like when one is travelling, the luggage zip will get stuck. No amount of force can close the zip!

If you wear pants, it’s highly possible that you have struggle to close a stuck or broken zipper after going to the toilet. Is it correct to assume that trying to fix it was an epic fail? It might have been a source of embarrassment to walk around with an open fly. Not everyone has an extra pair of pants all the time but one can easily tuck away in their wallet or purse the Instant Zipper.

The Instant Zipper is a slider. This is the part of the zipper that you will pull to fasten the teeth together. The way to use it is to snap it on, lock, and that’s it. The broken zipper is fixed. Watch this Instant Zipper reviews video to see how to use it.

Unless you do tailoring or bag repair, to have a zipper fixed does cost a lot. Many times, the items with a broken zipper are simply placed aside or thrown away. The Instant Zipper is the quick and easy-to-use solution to repair that zipper of a favorite pair of pants or a handbag that has been stocked away.

Every package of Instant Zipper has 4 of these sliders in different colors. Black, silver, gold, or bronze, these are the basic colors that you need to make the repaired zipper look as good as new.

Gone are the days of getting a pair of pliers to force a zipper close. Don’t discard an item just because the zipper is broken. Avoid frustrating situations such as a bag that won’t close or pants with the fly open.

For only $19.99 with this Instant Zipper reviews special offer, you can get the Instant Zipper set of 4 clip sliders in different colors. Be prepared for that broken zipper situation, repair the broken zippers of the bag, shoes, and clothes. You can be an expert at zipper repair in just one click.