No cut, no sew, the Instant Tailor instantly adjusts and mends fabric items. This Instant Tailor review provide a mending solution like no other! The Instant Tailor is the nip and tuck accessory of the decade, and once you have learned about it with this review, you will discover that it one of the smartest things ever invented.

Instant Tailor
Tailoring Adjustments Made Easy

When you want to make minor changes to any clothing item, the old methods of doing so was to sew it, use a special kind of glue, or use certain Velco accessories, and snaps.

Now, there is a new way to do so that is very secure. The Instant Tailor is like a clip and when placed inside fabric items, can do the following tailoring tasks easily:

Change the seam line

Instant Tailor
For Clothing And More

Create neat seams on items that are strong enough to endure the spin cycle of a washing machine.

There are many times that you need to make adjustment to clothing like when:

The sleeves are too long
The pants are too long for a certain pair of shoes
A blouse is too loose
A blouse is too long
The waistband is loose
The neckline of a blouse is too deep
The armhole of a sleeveless blouse is too large
The hem got ripped

When you can't use a certain clothing item because of minor adjustments are needed, the Instant Tailor comes to the rescue!

You may have a small pile of clothing and other fabric items such as bedcovers that you can't have stitched - so instead of bringing it to the tailoring for repairs to be done, use the quick fix - the Instant Tailor.

Even for home decor, the Instant Tailor may be used to create the effect that you want. Shorten table clothes, adjust drapes, fix a curtain hem, and more fast, with the newest accessory that makes anyone into a tailor.

When you want to mend and adjust fabric items with a quick and long-term solution, for ripped hem emergencies, and to adjust loose clothing, and more, whatever size the outfit is, for kids clothing to adult outfits, the Instant Tailor is your handy no-sew fix.