InstaHang is the innovative tool that makes hang up items on a wall easy. It automatically reload pegs. If you are going to place up a gallery of paintings or one wall clock, the newest decorating necessity that will help save you from hammering away, do it with one click with InstaHang.

What is the old way to hang up a painting? You need a hammer, nail, and elbow grease. To place a nail on the wall takes a bit of strategy as there is a chance that it won't be aligned properly. If the nail is small, you might end up hammering any of the fingers that are holding it secure.

There is also the choice to use those plastic hooks. These destroy the paint when taken out. Some of those kind of hooks are very flimsy.

InstaHang can hold up 10 pounds of weight. These pegs are to be placed inside the tool that is to be placed flat against the wall. Press down and the peg is installed with an angle so what will be hanged shall fall flat against the surface and has the correct amount of support.

InstaHang has a special peg dispenser. There is no effort required for reloading as the next peg will automatically get in front, ready to be used. This feature is unique to InstaHang, the tool that makes life a lot easier.

If you are into decorating, DIY projects, or knows someone that loves tools, the InstaHang is the new tool that is probably the best one for decorating. It's the ideal gift for interior decorators, construction workers, and those who are fond of wall hangings.

Think of the endless possibilities - the projects that you haven't started because it entails a lot of hammering. The wall by the stairs that would look so good with portraits, the alcove that should have those small art frame, the top of the mantle that has been bare for years - decorate and organize with the use of InstaHang.