INSTA SLIM: Skinny or Scam? And only for men? Really?

I was in an accident a year ago that prevented me from exercising the way I was accustomed to, so naturally I packed on the pounds.

I refused to buy a new wardrobe knowing (well hoping) that the weight gain was only temporary. Plus I couldn't exactly afford to go on a shopping spree because in addition to no exercise I also had to take unpaid time off work.

So one Sunday afternoon I'm watching tv and I see the infomercial for Insta Slim. After months of squeezing into my “regular” clothes (can you say muffin top), I decided to buy one (even though this product is targeted towards men and I am a woman).

Here is where pictures are worth a thousand words.

As you can see I didn't take a generic “fake” photo wearing some fabulous top that promises to be over the Insta Slim shirt. I took one photo of me without a shirt so you could see what I was really trying to hide. Another of me in a regular undershirt so you could see how that wasn't hiding anything. Then I took one of me in the Insta Slim v-neck so you could see what a difference it really does make.

Insta Slim won't actually make you skinny (obviously) but it will make you appear skinnier, and for me that was just what I needed! That's why I also bought 2 Muscle Tanks in black and white.

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And for another wonderful wardrobe saver the Perfect Fit Button

Watch the InstaSlim Commercial Here