i-know-keyIf you have children at home that spend time on the computer then you want to make sure that they are safe while they are online. As a parent it is your job to do everything that you can to ensure your child's safety. These days there are a lot of online predators. They are sneaky and they pose a very real threat to the safety of any child that spends time online, that's why you need to have a way of keeping track of who your children are communicating with while they are on the computer. The I Know Key can help you to make sure that your child is protected and safe while they are online.

The I Know Key provides you with the chance to keep track of everything that everyone in your home is doing while they are on the computer. It is easy to use and great at keeping you informed of everything that has been going on with your computer and anyone that has been using it. All you do is plug this small device right in to your computers USB port and the software will take care of everything else. Even if information has been deleted off of the computer, the I Know Key will still be able to produce pictures of it.

When your child is on the computer you will be glad that you have the I Know Key to help you make sure that they aren't corresponding with the wrong people. It will give you a lot of comfort to know that they are only using the computer for the things that they are supposed to be using it for. Now you won't have to worry so much when your at work and your children are at home and in front of the computer.

Check it out, buy the I Know Key online and see whats going on on your computer.