Cozy slippers are great for winter, but heated cozy slippers are better - read this Hot Booties Review! Hot Booties are slippers that you can microwave for 60 seconds and have heated comfort for hours.

Hot Booties are much more than slippers, the secret is in the sole, filled with natural linseed, works similar to the old fashioned 'rice sock' homemade heated pads. (Fill rice in sock, and microwave for an instant heat pad to soothe aches and pains).

When you order Hot Booties, you get the Bootie Bag, funny name - but a great addition to your Hot Booties when you think about it. Who wants to put slippers you have been walking around in, into the microwave where you heat your food! It's best to store your Booties Bag somewhere near your microwave so that you always can find it when you need it.

Hot Booties are Buy One Get One Free
Originally when I was ordering I was thinking that I could share the other pair with my spouse, but lucky for me, our feet are not the same size and he isn't too fond of the idea of wearing pink Hot Booties. These slippers you never want to take off, and I was excited to know that I could get a second pair in the same size and color for free. I really wanted to be greedy and save the back-up pair for when I wear my first pair out - but Christmas is just around the corner and I know a few people in my family that would love these as much as I do.

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  • Small (Women's sizes 6-8)
  • Large (Women's sizes 9-11)

  • Small (Men's sizes 10-11)
  • Large (Men's sizes 12-13)

Buy One Get One FREE Hot Booties
Yes, when they say free, there is usually some stipulation, like you have to pay shipping and handling - Hot Booties is no different - but the total cost divide by two, is still well worth it for two pairs of Hot Booties.