If you drive frequently, you need Heel Dock to protect your shoes. You always take great care to protect your shoes from grime and scuffing by placing them in shoe boxes or in shoe closets. But what protects your shoes when you drive around in your car with the back of your shoes constantly rubbing against the car floor mat? Heel Dock is a luxurious piece that snugly fits on any car flooring. It protects not just your shoes but your floor mat too.

Constant friction of your heels against the car’s floor mat will eventually result to scuffs and scratches.  Grime that accumulates on the car floor and on the mat stick to your heels. Imagine leaving home with newly polished shoes and yet, after stepping out of your car, it is horrifying to see scruffs on the back of shoes and grime on heels. And if you frequently wear heels, digging into your floor mat as you step on the gas pedal or brakes will eventually bore a hole into the mat.


Heel Dock adds a layer of protection between the car floor mat and your shoes. It is fluffy and cushiony while remaining luxuriously soft. The underside has a rubberized lining so that it stays put wherever on the floor you set it down. No slipping, no sliding. It stays put even on a carpeted flooring! Your heels are protected at all times as you drive and so is your floor mat. The upper part is actually designed to catch dirt that falls from your shoes without affecting grip or the heel protection.

To clean Heel Dock, simply shake it outside to drop the dirt particles. Or put it into your washing machine for a good spin and it comes out looking like new. Use it over and over again. Heel Dock is not just good value for your money because it is reusable but it actually saves your investment in shoes.