Hanging StrawberryMy friend just got me a Hanging Strawberry Garden, and I don't know how I ever lived without it.

I really love to have fresh fruit, but every time I buy it, it winds up going bad in my refrigerator, no matter how much I eat. There is nothing more disappointing than opening up my crisper drawers to a pile of funky strawberries when I was looking forward to a delicious treat.

My friend was even nice enough to get the plant started for me. She said it was simple, just open the box and start watering. I, of course, put my Aqua Globes in right away. Now I have an automatic strawberry factory hanging on my porch!

Now I put strawberries on my cereal or in my pancakes every morning. And since I've got more strawberries than I know what to do with, I am always inviting my neighbors over for strawberry smoothies or daiquiris.

I was about to buy a strawberry planter until I saw the hanging strawberry planter which I am glad I ordered because my hanging strawberry garden is easy to set up and move around which helps keep bugs and cats away.

Watch the Hanging Strawberry Commercial Video As Seen On Tv

Now, with my Tomato Giant I've got a pair of really beautiful plants that I can eat!

Having yummy strawberries on hand is also a great way to keep me from eating junk food. Why buy a candy bar when I have a bowl fresh strawberries and yogurt at home?!

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