Hanger CascaderCloset space is always an issue! There just never seems to be enough room in the house for all your clothes and accessories! Even if you have a large closet you can always use more storage space but no matter how hard to cram, you just can’t fit more hangers on the closet rod. Hanger Cascader is a perfect solution to all your space and organization problems when it comes to clothing, accessories and closets.

Hanger Cascader utilizes a simple yet revolutionary design to maximize use of closet space and organization. You don’t have to pack your clothes in boxes where you can see or access them to have a clean, functional closet. Rather than adding more hangers horizontally on the rod, this product allows you to make use of vertical space. Each Hanger Cascader can hold six hangers and up to 50lbs! you add more clothes but less bulk which allows you to access all your clothing whenever you need it. The Hanger is so versatile if can even be used to hang clothes horizontally by using both hooks.

When you order you will receive hangers and holders, a complete closet organization set! They work for everything from clothes to purses, and belts. You also get 5 bendable foam hangers. That means you can say goodbye to hanger marks in the shoulders of your sweaters and blouses. Use wire, plastic or wooden clothing hangers and enjoy the durability and convenience of Hanger Cascader and you’re neat and tidy new closet!

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