Green Wash BallAny people have concerns about how their activities are effecting the environment, but some eco friendly cleaning alternatives cost more to use than their traditional counterparts, but what if you could clean all of your laundry with a method that was both safer for the environment and less expensive to use than regular laundry detergent?

The Green Wash Ball works with science rather than harsh chemicals giving you the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to wash your clothes ever. At only around three cents per wash, the Green Wash Ball costs a fraction of what you spend on laundry detergent and one single Green Wash Ball will last for one thousand regular sized loads of laundry – this will result in a savings of several hundred dollars over the life of each Green Wash Ball.

The Green Wash Ball is also extremely easy to use, there is no measuring or pouring of liquid or powder involved, you just put the Green Wash Ball into the machine with your dirty laundry and turn it on.

Since there are no harsh chemicals involved in the washing process, there is no need to worry about the allergic reactions that can occur from using some regular detergents. The Green Wash Ball is safe to use on even the most delicate clothes and it works as well as detergent on heavily soiled laundry.

With this revolutionary cleaning item, you can wash your laundry in the most environmentally friendly manner while saving a substantial amount of money at the same time. Your clothes will be cleaner, last longer and even members of your family with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about reactions from harsh chemicals or detergents.

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