Grease BulletSometimes elbow grease doesn’t do quite enough to remove burnt on grease. You can scrub away all day at the worst skillets and casserole dishes with the harshest of chemical cleaners and have no success in getting them clean, you’ve probably reached points before where you though you’d have to throw away pieces of cookware because you just couldn’t manage to get them clean.

With the Grease Bullet, you’ll be able to take virtually any piece of cook or bake ware and take it from trash to sparkling in a matter of seconds. With the Grease Bullet there is no dangerous scraping or laborious scrubbing, you just drop in into hot tap water and let it do all the work for you. Pots, pans, casseroles and cookie sheets, regardless of what is burnt to or stuck on them, are no match for the Grease Bullet.

The Grease Bullet is more powerful than the most expensive and most abrasive cleaners available, but it is surprisingly gentle on your hands and your cookware – glass, cast iron and all varieties of non stick cookware will look like you’d just taken it out of the package after a few seconds of soaking with the Grease Bullet.

Even the best and most careful home cooks can have issues with burnt on grease and food, but with the Grease Bullet this no longer needs to be cause for concern. If you’ve ever had a problem with burnt on grease, crusted on food or otherwise grimed up pots and pans than you should have the Grease Bullet in your pantry.

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