I just got what may be the greatest tool in my entire toolbox the other day: the GraBit Screw Extractor. It never failed to remove any screw, even stripped and tamper-proof screws came right out.

I saw the GraBit drill bit on the Internet, then saw the GraBit tool infomercial on TV, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I imagined my home repairs would never being cut short by a stripped screw! I had several projects -- a broken doorknob, a busted hinge on a trunk of mine and a few old dingy light switches that I was forced to look at every day because of stripped screws.

I had no idea that something like this existed until I actually saw it in action. It works by digging into the metal of the screw as it pulls away from the wall. I couldn’t believe it, finally my slew of stuck projects could move forward!

I ordered the GraBit Screw Remover and gave all those stripped screws the evil eye for another week until it arrived.

When it did, I went on a big repair kick all weekend! I fixed everything! The universal drill bit fit right in my cheap cordless drill, and the free drill holster that came along with the GrabBit bits made me feel a little like a pro carpenter!

Check it out, I keep it with my drill all the time. I won’t even let my friends borrow it since I’m so afraid of losing my new favorite tool haha.

Go online and buy GraBit Screw Remover now -- never fight with a stripped screw again.