My grandmother has a hard time getting around in the bathroom. Our family often worries about her falling down and getting hurt. But with the Get A Grip handles, our bathroom is set up in a way that is very easy for her to get up from the toilet, or out of the shower.

We were looking for ways to make the bathroom safer for her without having to spend a lot of money. I saw a commercial on TV for the Get A Grip and knew right away that it was the perfect thing for my grandmother.

After we got two of the Get A Grips we attached one next to the toilet and the other in the shower. At first she was a little apprehensive about putting all of her weight on them because she saw how easy they were for us to install.

All we had to do was to put them in the position that we wanted them in and press down on the two buttons. I tried them out for her to show her that they would hold her weight. Then she tried them and they worked perfect. It allowed her to put a lot less pressure on her knees as she got up from the toilet and it helped her to exit the shower with ease.

We still have to worry about her, but the Get A Grip allows us to worry about her much less than we did before. I'm very glad that we got the two Get A Grips because my grandmother complains much less about her knees hurting now. She used to complain about pains in them a lot. Now I think that much of the pain that she was feeling was contributed to her having a difficult time getting up from the toilet.

I would suggest that anyone that has a relative which has difficulties getting up from certain places, should give this product a try and buy Get A Grip handles online. I know that it has made all the difference around our home.