A Fruit Salad Tree is unique and it provides you with a bountiful harvest of five different kinds of fruits! Can you imagine how awesome this tree would be in your garden and how delightful it would be to enjoy 5 kinds of fruits that you'll be plucking from just one tree?

Caring for a tree might be too much of a task but you would adore to have fruit-bearing trees in your garden. The space may be limited and not enough trees can be planted to fulfill your desire - and one of the best choices that you have is the Fruit Salad Tree from As Seen On TV!

The five fruits that this tree will have are peaches, red plums, purple plums, apricots, and nectarines! Imagine, all these fleshy delicious fruits in one Fruit Salad Tree... how colorful that would be! And to see these grow daily, getting bigger, and to be able to pick these fruit when they ripen... there's is hardly anything more delicious than a freshly picked fruit organically grown from you own garden and different kinds of fruits at that. You won't need a lot of space.

These Fruit Salad Trees grow up as tall as 12 to 15 feet, providing shade, fresh air, and a bountiful harvest that you can eat fresh, make into jellies, preserves, jams, fruit pies, and more! And, how delightful it will look and how it will be the awe of the neighborhood when you have your very own Fruit Salad Tree from As Seen On TV!

When you order the Fruit Salad Tree, it will be delivered to your door and it's ready to plant. With this As Seen On TV offer, you'll be able to Buy One and Get One Free for just $19.98 plus packaging and handling.