The Fridge Locker is the smart way to keep your food locked in the fridge to prevent anyone from getting it. Has you ever tried to look for your food in the fridge and discovered that it was gone? How about that soda you had put aside that someone else must have snipped? Did you ever lose a chocolate bar or even your entire lunch? Don't let these issues bother you anymore. Get the Fridge Locker.

I remember my grandaunt who had to put a chain across her refrigerator to stop her boarders from raiding her food. She also was one of the first to buy a fridge with a lock on the door. This was a good solution then. But, what if many people are sharing one fridge? I have experienced losing my food stock in the office. I have placed aside a cake slice and failed to eat it because it was gone! That was not the only time someone got my food. What can you do when it's gone or worse, when part of it has been eaten?

I saw the Fridge Locker infomercial. I was already considering on buying one but didn't get around to it. Then I saw the Fridge Locker being feature on Ellen. It was hilarious but I got convinced.

So, I bought the Fridge Locker. Placed one in the pantry fridge in the office and one at home. It's a lot better for me now as I can place my food and beverage supply without worry. Why leave temptation in a fridge? Don't be a victim, get a Fridge Locker.

The Fridge Locker is a small white cage with a combination lock. It open downwards in one side so you can place the food items in. It allows for air circulation so the temperature inside your ref will be the same as inside the Fridge Locker. It may be placed in the freezer or the fridge.

I suggest that you use a Fridge Locker if you are sharing a fridge. It's better to prevent such incidents from happening, don't you agree? I got mine on a Buy One-Take One promo for less than twenty dollars. It's a good thing to use to stop petty theft.