fridgeit2_300You may have come across several devices in the market that claim to mask the worst odors in your refrigerator with their strong fragrance, however the Fragrance Free FRIDGE-IT® Cube doesn’t work superficially to get rid of the odor. It eliminates the odor completely. The non-messy, easy and effective product with Natural Activated Charcoal saves you from the trouble of spraying messy liquids and gel powders and works just as well around your house, condo, apartment or even the foulest smelling hostel to banish moist and pungent odors. In fact the versatile 6-pack FRIDGE-IT® Cube can be utilized anywhere around the house without much hassle.

It is safe, non-toxic, fragrance-free and works better than say even baking soda to beat strong odors. Since its non-toxic, FRIDGE-IT® is completely safe around your children and pets. You can place in anywhere from your gym bag, near the trash can, in the store room and closet to cabinets, lockers, pantry and even office cubicles. The nice part is you don’t have to deal with bothersome spills and tiny granules that do more damage than good really. Fragrance Free FRIDGE-IT® works not just on light odors but all odors, without exception. A single cube can last for up to six months.

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The patented and well-researched air flow technology combined with an active charcoal filter sucks all odors into a filter and locks them there till they are thwarted. FRIDGE-IT odor Absorber is long lasting, starts working within a few seconds and combats pungent odors permanently without trying to cover up for them like harmful, temporary sprays. The convenient hanging feature of the product lets you hook it anywhere or place it on any even surface.

There really is no excuse for not getting that much wanted fresh tasting and smelling ice from the freezer now, is there?