He is known as the “Voice of Romance” because of his distinctive and powerful baritone voice. Born and raised in San Remo, Italy, Franco Corso took hospitality as his course in the University which landed him a job in the United States. When people heard him sing, they strongly encouraged him to do this full-time, which he did. And that began a very successful singing career in the States. Now, Franco Corso’s Italian-American songs are available to soothe your heart and soul.

Franco Corso’s singing style is provocative and enchanting. His rendition of many Italian romantic songs keeps you captivated and aching to listen to more. Inspired by Andrea Bocelli Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Julio Iglesias, he was able to make three albums: Amore, Passione or Italiano. “Passione” is his debut album – a compilation of some of the world’s most romantic Italian-American melodies. The songs “Il Mio Mondo” (You’re My World) and “Amore Scusami” (My Love Forgive Me) show the range of Franco Corso’s voice from soft timbre to full bravado.  His second album “Amore” is a collection of love songs, among which are “My Way” and “You Raise Me Up”, both performed in Italian and English. The third album “Italiano” is a collection of popular and modern Italian songs that include the timeless classics “Volare” and “Aldila” which you are probably familiar with.

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