Foam Fetti is one of my kids favorite art and craft products. It's like Play-Doh but you can feel it crinkle in your hands and hear it crackle! Foam Fetti can make sculptures and it can be reused so the kids can have continuous fun with it! My kids never get tired of Foam Fetti.

I got it for their birthday and when they opened it, they immediately started playing with it and they still use it up to now. They enjoy making 3D art on hard paper and making sculptures and even gave their friends once for the birthday a pack of these so they could play with them. Foam Fetti is versatile, it can be molded and squeeze into shape. It can be used as small pieces and it can be used as a larger clump.

There are many things you can do with these and better yet - what the kids can do with Foam Fetti. They managed to make a bouncing ball once! They make so many animals that they leave on display - now they want to buy more packs. So what my kids did was make me a flower in a flower pot once so that I could buy them more! How sweet of them and it made me so happy that they can accomplish making excellent crafting project and even art with Foam Fetti.

Whenever my friend's children have a birthday, I give the kid Foam Fetti. It's inexpensive and something that they will enjoy. It's also non-toxic. Kids just love making things on their own and this new molding product seems much better than clay! It doesn't require any molds or forms so a child has to tap into their imagination. Foam Fetti dries by itself so you don't have to worry about their sculptures breaking. Foam Fetti sticks to paper, cardboard, and unfinished wood so the possibilities are endless. The kids make containers for a desk, balls that bounces,  sculptures to put on display, and more!

I highly recommend parents to buy for their kids who are five years old or older. It's quite inexpensive and they will spend a lot of hours using Foam Fetti. It will help them become more creative and accomplished.