A one of its kind software, FitnessBliss allows you to create, organize and track your workout routine efficiently on the internet apart from giving you an extensive list of more than 600 exercises for the entire body, which are all elucidated through helpful illustrations. The software is easily accessible from within the standard web browsers and saves you from the rigmarole of time consuming software downloading or installing sessions. Workout routine access is not merely restricted to your computer when you use the FitnessBliss Fitness Software, you can even gain access to your workout plans and compile results on mobile browser applications.

There are easy built-in tools and functions to help you streamline your workout regime. Fitness Bliss also offers you the option of customizing your features according to your routine using the handy drag and drop feature. In fact you can even print your workout records and keep hard copies ready by exporting the information to a .pdf document.

Random workout sessions that leave no scope for you to track your progress or assess your workout history with the results are pointless. Though you may work extremely hard at those rigorous fitness sessions, if there isn’t a way for you to chart your routine, gauge your results and customize your program more effectively, you won’t really have any way of measuring the success and efficiency of your fitness regime.

FitnessBliss Fitness Software has default settings that you can start with immediately if you don’t want to get into the mode of customizing your program. The software also lets you filter the large exercise database depending on the equipment at your disposal.

Since all the exercise illustrations are handily depicted in the database, you really don’t have to sweat over the correct way to do a pull down or Crossbow exercise and the flip side for the more sluggish lot is that excuses about forgetting how to perform an exercise will not work anymore!

definitely helps you wield more control of your workout routine by giving you access to potent tools that help you create, track, organize and print your exercise regime. You can customize fitness routines using the useful software or go with a pre-built program to nail down an agenda that works best for your body.