Want a bonnet that doesn't mess up your hairdo? A Fit to Flick Hat is the perfect solution. There is a slit at the back. This opening is where a pony tail goes through. Wearing this hat prevents you having hat hair - that's when it bumps up inside the hat which is so unsightly and annoying cause it messes your hair when you take of the hat!

Ordinary bonnets also don't hide your ears. The Fit to Flick Hat enables the bonnet to go all the way around your ears to keep it warm during winter. It;s more practical because you don't have to keep your hair down when it's windy - so you won't get hassled when your hair whips around your face.

You can wear any hairdo even while wearing a hat because the Fit to Flick Hat doesn't mess it up. Place your hair up in a bun, a ponytail at any height, braids, or just pull the hair through loosely to keep it neat. Even dreads locks will get pulled through the slit in the back for that hip look.

Men with long hair can use this awesome AsSeenOnTV hat.  Their long hair can be  finally kept in place with this kind of hat. No more snaggle, lessen the tangle, have a hairdo in a color and design to match what you are wearing and your mood with the Fit to Flick Hat.

For the adults they have classic colors that you can mix and match with anything that you are wearing. For the kids, there are fun vibrant colors that will love to wear. The colors are cool and very stylish.

A bonnet is an essential head wear. The Fit to Flick Hat has more functionality than any other bonnet. With several designs to choose from, one can step out in style with the latest kind of hat. Wearing a hat that is stylish doesn't do much for your crowning glory. This is one unique hat design that does more for you.

Learn more about how to use this kind of hat by clicking here to watch the Fit to Flick Hat video.