Fire Gone is a handy fire extinguisher that’s ideal for vehicle and home use. A fire starts small - a lit match may start bush fires that will rage on for days. If one has a fire extinguisher, the capacity to put out the flames is there, as when it gets too big, there is not much one can do.

Fire preventive measures and fire fighting equipment are necessary to be able to best protect yourself, your family, and what you own. Without these, the risks of fire happening is greater.

Most people have fire extinguishers but those are typically large and heavy. For someone strong, it will be easy to operate it. If the person is weak, old, or too young, they will experience great difficult in using those kinds of fire fighting equipment.

Fire Gone is a spray can. Easy to operate, there is no pin to pull out or a hose that has to be aimed at the source of the flames. Pressing the trigger at the cap area will release a strong spray of the extinguishing material.

Fire Gone is lightweight. It can be carried and operated with one hand. Just aim it at the source of the fire and press to extinguish the flames.

Fire Gone is portable. It’s impossible to bring along those large red fire extinguishers when one goes camping. This one can fit easily into a backpack.

Fire Gone can be used to extinguish small fires in vehicles. A fire may occur in the engine or after a collision. To extinguish it right away, a fire extinguisher is needed.

Fire Gone can be sprayed directly to the engine. It has a bracket that may be attached to the vehicle surface. Watch the video of how Fire Gone is used to stop a fire in the engine.

Fire Gone is biodegradable. The contents of this is easy to clean up unlike the white and powdery foam of other fire fighting equipment. An eco-friendly option, as one saves themselves and their belongings by extinguishing a fire, one also saves the environment.

How much fire fighting equipment do you own? Is it enough to secure your home, office, and vehicle? Is it bulky or can it be used by nearly anyone? Prevent fires from getting larger by extinguishing the flames right away with Fire Gone.