The Fat Magnet degreases food. The fat is removed in one easy move. Just place it on top of the food item, and the grease will stick to the it. The Fat Magnet is good - for your better health, to lower bad cholesterol intake, you need the Fat Magnet.

No more skimming of the fat on top of the food. No more chilling the soup and stew to remove the solid fat. Eliminate the use of paper towels to remove the grease as you can magnet it away to save for use to make gravies and stir fries.

The Fat Magnet is a kitchen gadget like no other that can give you reduce fat intake so that will help you to get to lose weight, too!

This unique kitchen gadget does make removing fat a simple procedure. A few examples of where you can use it are on:

*Chicken, beef, and pork soups and stews to get rid of the fat floating on top.

*Greasy food such as fried pork steaks, steaks, and those that leak out fat when placed on a plate.

*Removes fat from burgers before placing on buns.

*Get rid of the fat that drips from a turkey, roast beef, or roast chicken, to save it for making gravy.

*Lessen the fat from bacon strips that are on a plate.

One way to remove fat is to place the soup in the fridge until the fat solidifies. If you have done this before, you know the the fat becomes a solid off-white mass.

The Fat Magnet is cold because to activate it, it has to be placed in the freezer. The initial freezing time is 4 hours - after which it can be used by placing on top of the particular food that you want to degrease to magnet up the fat as a solid.

The health benefits of using this kitchen gadget are tremendous. When you use the Fat Magnet, you can lower oil intake. Reducing fat intake is recommended by the medical profession because it can help prevent high cholesterol levels. Another thing that you can reduce by using the Fat Magnet are skin problems like acne and pimples that typically appear the day after indulging in fatty food.

Take care of your health and that of your family by serving less greasy food. Serve your guest dishes that have a clean look as there is no grease. Save a lot of drippings for making gravies and sauteing.

The Fat Magnet will revolutionize any kitchen. Get your Fat Magnet today!