I was struggling to find my mother something for her birthday until I found this cool place to find my family name crest, mom loved it!

It's getting harder and harder to get stuff for my parents. My dad only asks for new socks and my mother always says something sweet like, "Oh, you don't need to get me anything, just call." Yeah right, I know that mom wants something, but I had no idea what.

I searched high and low online with no results. I even thought about giving her one of those super popular Snuggies, but I'm not sure if she would ever wear it! I opted to take the easy way out and get her a scarf, but soon afterward I stumbled on something that would really mean something to her.

I found a site called the Historic Research Center and was hooked immediately. The company provides a deep family name history including the first time your last name was recorded, your family name's meaning as well as what country it originates from. It was really fascinating stuff. All the information was printed with your family seal. Everything was printed on a really gorgeous piece of parchment-looking paper. It was perfect for framing and putting up on the wall.

So, I ordered one up and hoped mom would like it!

I didn't open the package when it came, I decided just to wrap it up and let mom do the work.

After having dinner with the folks, I gave mom her presents. When she opened up the scarf, I could see that she thought, "Oh, another scarf." She was very nice and said thank you, but I didn't think she really liked it. But when she opened the historic family seal, her eyes lit up.

She was astonished at the thought, I think she even got a little teary eyed and stood up and hugged me. I was pretty astonished by her response too, I knew she was a bit of a family genealogy buff, but I had no idea it would make her so happy. It also included a neat write-up of how the company found all the amazing last name origins, which my mom found fascinating.

She took back my scarf and got a frame for the parchment, now it hangs right by the front door so she can show it off to everyone!

If you know anyone with an interest in their family history, family crest or family seal, don't hesitate to grab one of these awesome Family Meaning and Origin Scrolls for under $7!