Fab-Tastik is the fab and fantastic sticker that makes two pieces of fabric stick. Instant mending with a unique no-sew product that will make you get to alter clothing items and other fabrics fast! Want to learn more about how to get to change the length of your pants quickly? Alter and mend hems in a jiffy? Read the Fab-Tastik review!

Sewing garments takes forever. If you've got a pair of long pants that you want to shorten so you can wear them with flats instead of heals or would like to change the design so it just goes below the knee, the simple solution is to place Fab-Tastik. It's folding and adhering the fabric together without ever making a stitch!

Watch this Fab-Tastik reviews video to see how easy it is to use and how versatile the applications are.

When you want to adjust or alter a garment like a loose-fitting blouse that you want to tighten, close properly in between button holes, or to lay flat a lapel so you look very neat, you've got Fab-Tastik. If you want to wear 3/4 sleeves instead of long, use Fab-Tastik.

Fabric to fabric, instant mending and hem adjustment is yours - as long as it has got an edge you can hold it and secure it with the use of this no-sew accessory.

What other alternatives do you have to alter your clothes? You can use safety pins to shorten the length of a pair of pants. You can fold the pants and sew it with a basting or hemming stitch. You can place velcro or mending glue. Well, you can shove aside all of these old fashioned ways to alter your clothes and use Fab-Tastik instead.

Fab-Tastik does not ruin the fabric. The adhesive is gentle so you can use it on fabrics like satin and silk. The adhesive is strong enough to use on heavy material such as denim. It won't damage the fabric or stain it at all unlike pins that will create holes and glue that is hard to wash off or stitches that you have to take out. Fab-Tastik works just like a piece of double sided tape.

Fab-Tastik works nearly on all kinds of fabrics. It is ideal to make quick alterations to your clothing items. It can be used for other fabric items such as sheets, pillow cases, and other fabric items that you wish to make look different. If you use this Fab-Tastik review to purchase this limited time offer, you get 20 large strips, 30 medium strips, 60 mini fab tabs, and two jumbo strips of Fab-Tastik for only 10 dollars.

Why sew when you can stick the fabric together with Fab-Tastik. It's the solution that you have been looking for that will change the way your garments look without any effort! Get your Fab-Tasktik Instant Mending Kit while this reviews promotional offer is still available.