There are times when you would want to rearrange your rooms or adjust your appliances. Other times, you simply want to do a general clean-up of your place and make sure that all the hidden places are cleaned too. While this may sound easy, moving the furniture to reach those hidden places can be difficult and hard on your back. EZMoves makes this a sinch, especially if you have several pieces of furniture and appliances that need to be moved while cleaning.

EZ Moves furniture slides can help you lift, place, and slide your furniture and appliances. This product can increase your strength 10x the normal, making it easy for you to move appliances or furniture without a sweat. With the EZMoves, your furniture can slide right into place, enabling your furniture to glide across any surface.

Using the EZMoves poses no threat to your body posture since it comes in an ergonomic design. You don’t have to worry about your back suffering every time you have to use the EZ Moves. This product is also designed to help you adjust and level your appliances as you move them from one area to another. EZMoves has its rubber tip as well that helps protect your furniture. You will also be able to move up to 2,600 pounds of furniture or anything else you can think of with EZ Moves.

Why endure the tedious process of moving your furniture and appliances on your own when you can do it with EZ Moves? For the price of $19.99, you can easily do all the moving without any hassle - up to 2,623 lbs! With such affordable price you will have your own 1 EZ Moves Furniture Lifter, 4 EZ Moves Slides for hardwood and smooth surfaces, and 4 EZ Moves Slides for carpet.

What is even more amazing is the EZ Moves double offer or the buy-one-get-one offer. You only have to pay an additional amount of $7.95 P&H to receive a second set. So if you’re planning to buy another set for your sister or cousin, you only need to shell out a small amount.

This offer however is only available through online purchase so be sure to check out EZ Moves online in order to avail it. You can save a lot of money if you choose this offer instead of buying another set on its regular price.

Planning on cleaning up the whole house for the upcoming birthday party of your little princess? Get an EZ Moves to save time and effort. With the EZ Moves you can do all the cleaning as well as the rearranging of furniture and appliances in no time.