Would you like to grow trees that have beautiful flowers and grow fast? The Empress Royal Tree from As Seen On TV is the one that grows to the height of the roof in just one year! It keeps on growing and letting of the delightful scent that smells like jasmine and gardenia from the lovely large cluster of lavender flowers.

The Empress Royal Tree from As Seen On TV is also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree. It grows an inch every few days. It's excellent as a decorative tree and to cover barren areas as these trees grow fast, are drought tolerant, and require hardly any care. Best planted in soil that has good drainage, if you have been looking for trees that'll beautify the landscape and grow up to 60 feet tall, towering in natural beauty, the Empress Royal Tree is agreat choice.

The heart-shaped leaves of this tree and the canopy of lavender flowers will be an amazing sight. If one desires to have tall trees fast to grow on the sides of the road, to grow on the side of a hill, and other places where there seems to be an empty space, the natural beauty of the Empress Royal Tree that originated from China is the ideal tree to grow! And, growing trees is great as it cleans the air to help get rid of pollution and this one will give off the delightful scent of the lovely flowers, lightly perfuming the area with Mother Nature's awesome fast-growing Empress Royal Tree.

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Imagine, the street towards your cottage lined with the Empress Royal Tree with beautiful flowers and that barren landscape no longer being an eyesore anymore when you plant your very own Empress Royal Trees from As Seen On TV.