Eggies is the new way to cook eggs! No peeling required. If you want to come out with fabulous egg dishes that can even be low-cholesterol, you might want to check out this Eggies review that will introduce to you the most fantastic cookware that ever happened to eggs!

Boiling eggs is a must in every home kitchen and it is an inexpensive food item to serve. Yet, the hassle about preparing or eating boiled eggs is that you need to cool them off before peeling the shell. Taking out the shell is a lengthy procedure and one that you can eliminate when you own Eggies!

This cookware allows you to crack open an egg, drop it in, and boil them! No longer will the egg have shells and what's even better, the egg will have a flat part! Eggs do roll, whether peeled or not and with the Eggies, the eggs won't! You would have created an egg dome!

Eggies does more than just allow you to shape the egg so it has one flat end. You can season and add ingredients to the egg just before cooking it. When it is cooked, you have boiled egg dishes like never before! Add salt, pepper, or cayenne pepper, chopped bell peppers, onions, and other vegetables! You can even add meat like finely chopped ham or sausages to your Eggies!

Omit the egg yolk and make all-white hard-boiled eggs! Flavor them with herbs before cooking for that decorative appeal! The Eggies System includes an egg slicer so you can make terrific sliced eggs to decorate or be part of dishes that you create! There is hardly any limit to the new egg dishes that you can make with the Eggies!

Make canapes or even a one-meal dish in your new Eggies. It's a delightful addition to any kitchen. It gives you great presentation and easy preparation. Finally, be able to do more to a boiled egg in a one-step process with the use of this Eggies review. Stop peeling those hard-boiled eggs and serve the plain and fancy egg domes dishes and slices that you can create with Eggies.